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4 Steps for Digital Marketing in China


Social networks are the key in China. WeChat, China’s largest social network with its 809 million active user accounts, is so integrated that 35% of the time users spend on smartphones is dedicated to this platform. The continued growth of Chinese social networks is mostly due to the “Great Firewall”, the government’s censorship tool that excludes…


Indonesia : New Travel Destination for Chinese


Indonesia is very popular archipelago with thousands of beautiful islands. Hundreds of different ethnic groups live in these islands who speak different languages. This diversity of Indonesian nation makes it very unique and worth visiting the place. The natural beauty of this country is not inferior to its neighboring countries; Singapore and Malaysia but tourism…


China Top Innovative Country for Mobile Technology


The advanced in the field of science and technology is not exclusive to developed countries. Developing countries are also making efforts to improve their IT departments. Some countries are has made it their national policy to improve IT sector of their countries because economic benefits of advancement in new information and communication technologies. CHINA THE…


How to find best social media agency in china

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More than 700 million people in China use internet and all of them are present on different social media websites therefore social media marketing is very important for the success of any brand. Social media provides an effective and economical platform to a product but social media works differently in China therefore special techniques are…