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Online Shopping Statistics of China

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Trend of online shopping has been increased in this decade and people from all over the world to shop online. This shows the interest of the people and their confidence on brands which will deliver them their required and selected items. Companies and countries statistics showing that the people from all over the world not…


Top 4 Categories of Chinese Tech Firms in 2017 CES


  There is no doubt that China is dominating the world of consumer electronics and it is expected to stay ahead in the near future. China is dominating the world of consumer electronics The presence of the overwhelming number of Chinese companies in 2017’s CES (consumer electronics show), 1575 Chinese companies participated in this event…


CES Put China Design at Front Row


  This year Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Los Vegas from 5th to 8th January. 3800 industries attended the show and more than 1500 of them were Chinese industries. So more than 42% of exhibitors were Chinese which clearly shows the dominance of Chinese designs in this market. Lots of US analysts appreciated the…


Will This Year of Rooster See The Boost Of Roostered Luxury items In China?

  The market if luxury items are all times peak right now but in China, no one can predict the decline of any market. It is also a well-known fact that Chinese people love their tradition and they tend to show it through their lifestyle. So, this is the year of Rooster as per Chinese…