Before to start a business in China, too many new investors wonder how to sell in China? What are the marketing strategies to deal with Chinese consumers because what works in the West does probably not in China?

  • Hence the title of this article: the best ways to sell in China.

E-commerce, an asset cannot be ignored in China.

if you want to sell in China, it’s important for you to be connected to the largest site of e-commerce in China ( It’s the ‘eBay’ of China. Sales on Taobao are very adapted to small retailers and individuals. It is a very competitive and notorious platforms for counterfeit and pirated items. If your goal is to build a trusted brand image, it is important to stay away from Taobao.

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Fortunately, there is an alternative to Taobao, called Tmall. The company has made arrangements to ensure that products sold on Tmall are authentic. Read the article Quick guide to setup your brand on Alibaba’s TMALL, for more details on Tmall.

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There are also many e-commerce platforms such as, Suning,, which are very interesting to sell in China.

A well-translated brand’s name

To sell well in China, it’s important to adapt oneself to the Chinese consumer’s needs. A Chinese name is required. For choosing a brand’s name, you need to combine the characteristics of the product and the brand values. Chinese’s consumers always feel more comfortable when they have in front of them a product with Chinese references.

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Chinese site, Chinese design

To succeed in the Chinese market, it is important for any business, to refine the design of its website and to be surrounded by experts. While Westerners prefer sites with clean and clear design, the Chinese prefer the site with Chinese references. 

See this Website about Real Estate in China. 

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Rates and ways of payment

To be more competitive, it is crucial to adjust to the cost and way of payment to the Chinese market. The Chinese generally prefer to buy products less than 1,000 yuan (120 euros), because of the lack of trust and fear of insecurity of online payments. It is important to adapt to the ways of payment such as credit cards, Alipay, PayPal China-specific…

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Advertising based on Chinese value

Advertising must integrate Chinese value, and avoid the display of rebels who are not a model of identification in China. The most important for the Chinese’s consumers is not what they see, but what advertising can generate inside of them through the emotion.

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 Wechat: The essential

The social media used by the Chinese are different from the rest of the world. Regardless of the size of the company, Wechat has become the essential media to develop its marketing strategy in China.

Indeed, the engagement on social media is more powerful in China than Europe with the mobile social media and mobile payments, which are ubiquitous. In this context, the Wechat stores and Wechat pay offer a real opportunity to sell. Customers can go directly to the platform of your product in a fast and easy way.

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Collaboration with Chinese KOL

for selling well in China, the association with a Chinese KOL is beneficial. It is important to have a long-term vision before the selection of the partner. You need to find a chinese influencer, who will respect the values and image of your company. A long-term collaboration is better than a short- term.


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