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A large number of buyers in China have gotten used to find any information they need online. According to polls, 75% of your website’s visitors come from searches from search engines such as Google or Baidu for China.

That’s only one reason as to why chosing SEO in China. Here are the benefits you can gain from SEO

1. Higher acceptance rate

Netizens related coming from SEO are 50 times easier to be enticed by your products than by direct advertisement.

2. Easier time to meet the customer’s needs

People finding your website using search engines use keywords matching their needs. Therefore an optimized website will be able to match the most common keywords, which in turn would help the customer decide to buy your product rather than your competitor’s since your website will appear at a higher rank than those whose websites haven’t used SEO

3. Sky is the limit.

In general if you use SEO for one search engine it means it will work to some extend on other search engines as well. Even though criteria change from one search engine to another it still helps to make things better in the overall visibility of your website.

4. Cost effective

Experience told us that the doing SEO is 5 to 6 times lower than doing PPC (pay per click). Even more importantly, the price of SEO is stable which means that budget forecasting is easy as pie and will not vary according to the number of clicks you get.

5. Very stable

A top-notch agency can help your website have a a good ranking on certain keywords for an extended period of time, even if there is the SEO campaign is paused for a while.

How long before you can reap the benefits of a SEO marketing campaign?

 référencer son site en Chine


With the joint help of French and Chinese SEO experts doing such a campaign for you can stand out and be seen very easily by potential customers.

Even though China with its 1.5 billion inhabitants is seen as the land of all opportunities by everyone else, it is a very difficult market to enter. The online market is no exception.

When you enter the online market you will encounter these problems :

  • Language barriers
  • Huge cultural differences
  • Different legal systems
  • Competitors already using Baidu-tailored SEO techniques
  • Chinese SEO

Forget the idea of publishing an English version of your website in China, it will not work. 99% of the Chinese population cannot speak English. You have no choice but to have your website translated in Mandarin. Good news is that you don’t need to have it translated in traditional Chinese or Cantonese.

Once you have a high-grade translation you can start optimizing it for Chinese Search Engine.

We are the providers of one of the best solutions when it comes to SEO in China.


Here is how it works :SEO-China services


What is our core belief?

Our client interests are our interests

What’s our goal?

It is to bring an important and relevant traffic to your website in order to improve your requests and sales contacts

Our goal is to bring the qualified traffic to your site and your requests or sales contact.


Baidu SEO

Baidu is the major player when it comes to search engine in China. It is very different from Google. We, experts in Baidu SEO are able to improve your position on Baidu

SEO on

Google can boast some popularity amongst the white collars and Chinese searching for information. Its main objective is the same as Google: Quality first and foremost.


SEO Agency in China, Shanghai

Gentlemen Marketing agency is a Chinese and French JV with a many years of experience in China. Our top grade quality services are based on our profound understanding and experience of Chinese local marketing culture and specificities

We are convinced that we are the providers of one of the best SEO solutions in China for both Baidu and hk at a very competitive price.  .


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