What do a Chinese when he search a Supplier ?

good question

He will search on Baidu …

baidu search

And SEO, search Engine optimization let your website appear on Results on Baidu…

logical Baidu


Introduction and first step

Over the year Chinese people get more and more connected and nowadays more than half of the population are on the Internet on their computer or their smartphone. This trend has a direct impact on the e-economy and by the browser they use. Baidu is the famous one in China because it is concentrating 80% of all the traffic.

Infographic BAIDU English PP

Baidu is the number one !

China is the first economy of the world and well known for the diversity of population, the complexity, the censure apply on the Internet and for the Chinese language which is one of the most difficult of the world. So it is crucial that companies learn about this great and complicated country before they go for business in China. All the factors has to be taken seriously. The language, the economic politic, the customs and the culture need to be understand by foreign business men before launching important ressources to be implemented in China. It is also important to check out the competitors of your business already present in China in order to avoid bad surprises.

So when all this points are checked and approved, all company which want to be present in China should have a website, and here comes the importance of the SEO especially on Baidu.


Baidu is the most famous search engine in China. It was created in 2000. Since 2013 it is the 5th most visited website in the world. It has at his disposal around 740 millions of web pages, 80 millions images and 10 millions of multimedia files.

SEO on Baidu, a “must have”

People do not trust Baidu Ads and prefer Natural Results

 In the past Baidu Get many Ads… too much

Baidu results

Companies must understand that to be well ranked on Baidu could take a long time due to the fact that the internal competition is really intensive. However if a company has a high ranking it will be far profitable.

For the companies’ understanding about Baidu SEO and ebusiness in China, it is important to know few tips.

Most of the Chinese people do not understand english so one important point is to have a website in Chinese. That mean no website translated by any cheap softwares which only work well for one or two words. If companies want to translate their website in Chinese, it is crucial to translate it well but Chinese who understand prefectly all the subtilities of Chinese language. The website should be hosted directly in China because if it is hosted in any country outside of China, Baidu will penalize the website and it will affect directly the site’s ranking.

There are two more point to be considered also as Content Marketing and Community Management.

Content Marketing and Social Media : Vital for China !

If companies are looking for great ranking, they must produce content that will interest their target. The point of this is to create visibility. After this task is done it is important to federate this people into commuties and taking care of them. Baidu will notice this and in return, it will take care of your ranking. This process will also make your company, brand, product or service known in China.

If you work in Fashion, or Girls products, Design is super important.

Finally, to be in China for business need a hardwork on the points above, time and ressources also but when it works, companies will retire great earnings.



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