Baidu strike out the healthcare service on mobile : 40 million USD in Quyi Start-up

At the age of high technology and connecting people, we should have expected to see the medical sector to evolve in a way where the smartphone is directly connected to the hospital and provided all kind of services in the health sector.

Today, the Quyi startup, a Chinese mobile healthcare service which was founded in May 2015 and specialized in the development of medical apps, has secured 40million USD Series B funding led by Baidu, Chinese search engine. HighLight Capital and SB China Capital have also contributed to the deal. Finally, 8,5 million usd has been received by the company.

The Quyi startup has created a telemedicine system, intitled Quyi Hospital, in order to connect doctors to patients on mobile. Moreover, Quyi has elaborated an other product, Quyiyuan, to provide to patients a few medical services (to schedule appointments, to make payements, to check diagnosis reports…) in order to make easier these moments for them.

The company created a comprehensive information platform, on which is constructed the Quyi’s apps. It allows to have a totally integration with the systems of partner hospitals.

Next to that, Quyi, which is planning to connect medical institution with a new product, said to expect to reach 2000 public hospitals on panel by the end of the year. Quyi have currently 1000 public hospital on board.

Besides that, Baidu has seized the opportunity and has penetrated mobile health industry thanks to a new healthcare program. The Chinese Web Giant has intitled its program “Beijing Health Cloud” and, in a same time, has developed a mobile app “ Baidu Doctor”.

Quyi could to obtain more help from Baidu, in terms of web technology and technical support. In this case, the startup has not finished growing.

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