Baidu recommandation is a feature made for content marketers

The content marketers and experimented users of recommended search engins should have their attention caught by the Baidu recommandations.

Baidu has published a recommended content feature for the editors of content network in May last year and has made it available to public last year.

According to Baidu, more than 1000 websites have used this recommendation feature from Baidu to increase their traffic by an average 15%

it offers three styles of display : pop-up, embedded and slide in (see below).


After picking the style of your choice you can go over the templates as shown below :


If you are an inbound or a content marketer, Baidu recommandations are definitely worth a try for yoru content marketing strategy in China


Obviously Baidu will not give indications about the content, because the search engine will give an edge to quantity over quality as well as frequently updated website. However do not forget : to your viewers quality still matters so once again it goes down to finding the balance between quantity to satisfy Baidu, therefore improve your ranking and quality to satisfy your viewers.Indeed, I don’t know for you but what I want as a viewer is significant information, not pages filled with useless (fresh or not) content.

What do you think dear viewer? If you gave a try to Baidu recommendation do you think that feature has been useful to you? We would like to read you on this

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